lunation (lunation) wrote,

drabble: "obligatory" [remus&/tonks]

There was so much to be done, and so little to be said; everyone had been shocked into action only to realize that there was - in the grand scheme of things - nothing that could be immediately remedied, and so it was with heavy hearts that the Light wizards (the Order faithfuls, handful of Ministry devotees, and other good souls) were silent.

The Daily Prophet continued to print tales of loss, minor victories, and the mounting death toll, but those who used to go about their jobs with a grim sort of joy turned largely indifferent. Aurors went on blasting errants Death Eaters, students helped their parents barricade homes, and Ministry clerks filed papers just as they had before.

Remus Lupin glanced up from his own newspaper to spot a flash of mousy hair and bangle bracelets, followed by the door slamming shut. It wasn't meant to be an offensive gesture, he understood, but her behavior was beginning to irritate him more than ever. They both knew it - their 'relationship', he thought with distaste to be something of an obligatory one, but it still hurt his feelings. A little. He didn't know, really - her outburst in the Hogwarts infirmary had prompted him to say all manner of things (concerning himself with regard to what SHE needed) that needn't to have been said, and now things were strained.

What did she want from him?

It was also frustrating that these petty quarrels (if you could call them quarrels - there was no communication whatsoever, really!) were so minor compared to the events to come. The funeral had been the beginning of what Lupin feared would be the end for them all, and here he and-

Well, no point mulling it over anymore. He let her walk out just as she let him ignore her, and that was how it would be.

Remus frowned and dug his palms into his eyes.
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